CEO Ragu Bhargava Speaks at HR West Conference

Global Upside CEO and Co-Founder Ragu Bhargava spoke at the HR West Conference on March 7th, 2018 in Oakland, CA.

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Though we widely acknowledge the benefits of hiring globally, many HR practitioners admit they are unprepared to navigate the challenges of hiring talent from around the world. Examine the risks and rewards of a global workforce and learn strategies for complying with HR regulations. You’ll discover how to get a unified view of your global workforce, stay consistent with policies, and manage payroll, compensation and benefits across countries.

Speaker Profile

Ragu Bhargava

CEO, Global Upside

Ragu Bhargava and his team at Global Upside help companies tackle accounting, payroll, HR, and compliance challenges in 150+ countries. Ragu goes by the mantra “impossible is not in my vocabulary” and has helped Global Upside clients successfully navigate some of trickiest business environments. In his previous avatars, Ragu was the CFO at ActivIdentity (NASDAQ:ACTI) and held leadership positions in several companies including Deloitte and NetIQ (NASDAQ: NTIQ), where he helped the company grow from $20 million to $300 million+ in revenue.

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