Japan amends their data privacy law in congruence with Europe’s GDPR.

The amendments are to go into place in the last quarter of 2021 or the first half of 2022. Below are the highlights:

  • This amendment increases the rights of data subjects, and specifies rights to disclose or cease providing personal data to third parties.
  • In the case of a breach, the company is required to immediately inform the individual and Personal Information Protection Commission (‘PPC’) about the breach. If informing the individual is difficult, a public announcement can be made informing the same.
  • Breaches must now be reported using an official form, rather than by being mailed or faxed, as was previously accepted

Employer Considerations:

Businesses in Japan handling personal data will have to comply with additional the compliances and update company policies accordingly. Employers will need to obtain additional documentation. Records of consent received for sharing of information and data transfer must be maintained will have to be undertaken as proof. Personnel must be appointed to draft data protection policies aligning with the changes in the act, implement access controls, and assign proper permission regarding who has access to sensitive data, etc.

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