Employee Benefits & Compensation

Compete Beyond Salary with Employee Benefits

Whether you’re creating your first international program, re-evaluating current packages, or addressing new regulatory concerns, we provide you end-to-end support with employee benefits and compensation advising, benchmarking, implementation, and ongoing administration. Our proactive approach keeps us ahead of changes to benefits regulations or expectations, and our rewards packages are tailored to your exact needs, whether you’re a hiring one or a thousand employees.

Salary and Employee Benefits Benchmarking

We provide local data on statutory and market rates for vacation, notice periods, sick pay, maternity, 13th/14th month salaries, etc. and act both as an advisor, and as an administrator.

Statutory and Supplemental Employee Benefits

We provide insight into statutory and supplemental benefits to help you remain competitive with others in your industry. Benefit requirements and expectations vary by country so it is important to be aware of what local employees are looking for. Here are just a few examples of benefits that are common outside of the US.

  • Contributions to housing funds (which is a mandatory benefit in some countries such as China)
  • Travel allowances (mandatory in Japan)
  • Profit sharing (mandatory in Mexico)
  • Car or car allowance (supplemental benefit in many countries)

Employee Benefits Administration

We ensure seamless execution and maintenance of all benefits and insurances, from procurement to renewal. When you have a small workforce, we provide practical solutions and leverage local relationships to procure coverage.

Employee Communication

Effective employee communication is essential to the success of your local schemes and we play an active role in this key area. We communicate directly with your employees during launch and enrollment and provide day-to-day support synergistic to the style and culture of your organization. We offer helplines and support documentation (for e.g., welcome package, FAQs, and trend analysis) to ensure that your employees and HR department are armed with just the right mix of self-help and advisor support.

Stock Options/ESPP/RSUs

We are with you every step of the way, in every location, to ensure equity plans are compliant and effective in incentivizing employees.

  • Advice and administration for SOPs, ESPP, RSAs, RSU, SARS, etc.
  • Provided recommendations on the content and structure of local offerings, document drafting
  • Initial registration, ongoing filings, and reporting
  • Calculate and process any taxable gains which, depending on the country, could be a grant, vesting, exercise, or sale
  • Local payroll compliance
  • Support annual payroll returns/company stock returns
  • Educate employees on different programs and provide relevant support documentation
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