Argentina has updated the thresholds for the Transfer Pricing (Local File) and the Master Report (Master File).

The transfer pricing policy has been simplified with updated thresholds for the Master Report, and new thresholds have been established for Transfer Pricing submissions, per the below:

Transfer Pricing submission new thresholds:

  • More than ARS 3 million in total operations with related parties. More than ARS 300,000 for independent operations; or
  • More than ARS 3 million in total operations with any parties with minimal to no, or non-cooperative tax jurisdictions. More than ARS 300,000 for independent operations

Master Report updated threshold:

  • Annual collective group revenue from the prior year equates to ARS 4 billion or lower. (Threshold raised from previous ARS 2 billion)

The standard threshold for cases with related party operations has been lowered from ARS 30 million to ARS 3 million. No changes or updates have been made to thresholds for operations with low/no or non-cooperative tax jurisdictions.

Employer Considerations:

Firms will need to re-assess applicability and compliance for transfer pricing schemes given the threshold updates.

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