The Revenue Restatement Resolution

INX, a leading reseller of complex IT systems to large and small businesses, had a record of double-digit revenue growth from 1997, the year it joined the NASDAQ, until 2009. In 2009, it encountered a major challenge, when its auditor insisted it carry out a revenue restatement, resulting in a temporary de-listing from the NASDAQ exchange.

Overcoming Spin-Off Challenges

After a major spin-off, online music pioneer Rhapsody needed services including revenue, payables, payroll, reconciliations, general ledger, expense reports, and monthly closing of books. VP of Finance, Michael McGinn, turned to finance and accounting specialist Global Upside. Within weeks, Global Upside provided Rhapsody with a set of processes for the management of numerous accounting and payroll services. Read this case study to find out more about the solutions Global Upside provided and how it helped Rhapsody overcome their post-spin-off financial challenges.

Free Seminar: Global Expansion – Getting it Right

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